Branding, Website and Native Apps

Ultimate Wellbeing takes the guesswork out of health and fitness and provides the direction and support needed for people to become the healthiest, fittest, strongest version of themselves – whatever life might throw at them.

Ultimate Wellbeing is spearheaded by Amy Harris, who has a passion to help others change their mindset towards dieting and to improve their knowledge and overall wellbeing.

She works as an eating disorder mentor, helping people overcome their many challenges with food.

We took the time to understand how Amy resonated with her target audience and existing clients, in order to create a brand that was instantly recognisable and easily connected with their values, goals and desires.

All too often websites focus on features and aspects that don't drill-down to the benefits a prospective client is looking for, so we ensured the site delivered clear copywriting outlining what Amy could do for her clients and who she can help them become.

Native applications and an easy method of connecting means the client onboarding process is seamless, straightforward and there are no barriers to getting started.

Timely notifications and an ongoing schedule of content creation means clients keep engaged and churn is kept to an absolute minimum.