Online Classes, Booking and E-Commerce

Move Studio is a dedicated training studio specialising in mindful movement, in particular The Garuda Method & Pilates.

With the advent of COVID-19 and the closure of all gyms and in-person training we helped to re-design their website to reflect their brand, as well as add support for delivering live classes, online membership, booking and payment handling, and evergreen online courses.

The online courses allowed their instructors to continue coaching and reach out to an entirely new online audience. Live classes supported existing studio members and added a revenue stream which covered the in-person closures.

We advised on social media strategies to reach new members which resulted in 100+ people joining live classes during lockdown and has introduced a completely new revenue stream they plan to continue once lockdown ends.

The addition of e-commerce and an online marketplace allowed members to purchase equipment and gift vouchers which produced great results, especially over the Christmas period.

No physical stock was held as we introduced affiliate products and dropshipping to the shop making order handling and management a breeze.