Online Learning and Study Groups

Tech Heads provides online learning for software and technology skills to expand
your career with support from like-minded people,
organisations, and businesses.

IT knowledge and skills is a hot commodity and we worked with Tech Heads to develop a bespoke platform to connect IT pros across the globe, help them exchange knowledge, and have fun in the process.

All of that was possible with our unique, living, breathing social media community platform that provides a safe and fun environment that allows people to connect with one another and learn along the way.

Together with a robust blogging infrastructure we supported delivery of weekly articles & guides that break down all facets of IT into something that is simple and easy to understand for members.

The power of having your own community allows members to share ideas, ask questions, and connect with other people that are all working towards the same goal, without the distractions of typical social media.

Our learning framework delivers everything needed for online education from courses and quizzes to certification and monetisation.

We're excited for the next steps ahead and to continue empowering teachers and educators with the technology to make their visions a reality.